Consultation & Governance


Community Consultative Processes.

Collective Spark Communications bridges the 'cultural' divide that may be a challenge while engaging members of Indigenous communities. Facilitating these processes requires a unique insight and a set of considerations that we understand. This can be accomplished by a variety of ways, from 'one-on-one' interviews, focus groups and primarily community outreach initiatives.

The success of positive relationship between government and private industry with Indigenous people impacts directly upon non-Indigenous interaction with the communities and their people; Indigenous peoples' relationship to and use of the land, their experience with historical and current treaty processes; and at times, the challenges of socio-economic, educational and health status of many Indigenous people both rural and urban.

Combined, Collective Spark provides the tools while working with government and industry to develop the strong moral, legal and mutually beneficial outcomes required. Achieving positive outcomes by opening successful avenues that fully engage Indigenous peoples in the economic decisions, policies and programs that may affect their lives.

Indigenous Governance.

Indigenous Governance is the most cost-effective web-based governance evaluation tool available on the market today. Developed by leading governance experts, Indigenous Governance replaces the outdated paper based evaluation processes still used by most organizations with an innovative online evaluation solution that is guaranteed to improve governance performance while saving your organization or community considerable time and money.

Contact us for an online or in-person demonstration to learn more about programming and tailoring an online governance evaluation website for your community. For more information read our brochure.

Indigenous Governance Brochure

Key Areas of Engagement.

  • Aligning of both local and regional and provincial perspectives.
  • Work and involvement with other Indigenous partners.
  • Clearly defining the parameters of the consultations.
  • Consulting in advance of key decisions.
  • Inclusive and accessible approaches.
  • Offering a variety of avenues and opportunities for input.
  • Ensuring participants have the opportunity to provide informed input.
  • Consideration public input as advice.
  • Measured information distribution around the results of the consultation process.